Yoga Weight Kettle Bell
Yoga Weight Kettle Bell
Yoga Weight Kettle Bell
Yoga Weight Kettle Bell

Yoga Weight Kettle Bell

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1. Easy to use: The fitness kettle bell is easy to carry, you can empty the water inside when you take it out, which is convenient to use, it can be filled with water at any time.
2. Adjustable design: the weight of the dumbbell can be adjusted according to the amount of water.
3. Premium Material: The kettlebell is made of environmentally friendly PVC and PC, which can be used for a long time and will not rust. And the kettel hood features integrated dip molding design, the handle of the hood is anti-slip and anti-shatter, which can prevent your hands from sweating, and the handle is comfortable to hold and use.
4. Wide application: The anti-impact portable eco-friendly kettle bell is suitable for gym, fitness, sports, weight lifting, yoga and variety of exercise.
5. Massager: The kettle belt features a floating surface design for massage.


1. The surface of the kettle hood has a massage cover, which has 5 adjustable weight levels, including 4, 6, 8, 10, 12BL respectively.
2. The weight of the hood can be adjusted according to your training needs.


Name: Yoga small kettle bell Lady Fitness
Material: PVC
Size: 40cm / 15.75 inches in length, 21cm / 8.27 inches in height, the handle is 15cm / 5.91 inches in width

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